The organization began as a project between two small startups, in a tiny town in South Africa. Priscilla Groves and James Kennedy decided to launch their companies, in a place where they could actually afford the space needed for 40 or more new technology workers.

Somerset East is a town of 18,000 hard working, talented people, with an over 50% unemployment rate. It’s also where Priscilla was born and raised. She well understood the problems that needed to be tackled and the potential of the community. Priscilla, James along with Operations Director, Marno Watson, founded the program in 2017. Apolonio Valdovinos, joined in 2019 to provide software training, and became Executive Director in September.

Our latest cohort of Nerds is completing their technology skills training. The Fall 2019 group will begin taking clients on January 6, 2020. Our current partners include software startups, in-housing marketing departments and marketing agencies.

All of our operations, including website management, client communication and other services, are provided by recent Alumni of our programs. Let us know your feedback on where we can improve.